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Sports Day – So Proud of You All

Well done for each and every one of you children in Pre-Junior B for the excellent participation this morning during the races.

It was wonderful seeing your enthusiasm and determination.

You made it all great fun!

A great big thank you also goes to all the parents who could come and share such a fun event with their children.

Last but definitely not least a great big special thankyou goes to Ms. Corinne without whom such an event could not have possibly happened, for her endless hours of designing, cutting and painting away.

I would also want to thank Ms. Tania for her help whenever it was possible and the other helpers who set the props on the turf.

Here are some photos showing children helping with props preparation and photos before sports day took place.

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Sports Day Final Note


On Monday 29th May the Pre-Junior classes mark another important event on our school calendar – Sports Day

Important points:

  • Children are to come to school at the usual time. (8’clock the latest.)
  • Each child has to come in their respective team t-shirt colour. It is acceptable if the t-shirt has a picture in front or at the back as long as the main base colour is the colour already assigned some time ago.  Any shade of the colour assigned is fine.

Here is the colour list just in case you missed out on the blog I sent on May 12th via a blog post found under sports day.


  • Along with the t-shirt they have to wear a comfortable pair of shorts and their school shoes.
  • Please send along their school cap and if they do not have one as yet send them another one to protect them for when we will be waiting for our turn to start a race.
  • Please do apply sun block from home.
  • Send in two bottles of water with your child too.

Very Important

  • Please label every item so there won’t be confusion as to what belongs to whom and children taking each other’s belongings.
  • The event starts early at 8:15 am and it will be over by 10 am so it won’t be too hot. You have the option of taking the children with you or leave them here at school and then pick them up at the usual time of around 1:25pm.
  • Two adults can accompany each child for this event which will happen on the school grounds.
  • Please do send them for this event. They really enjoyed preparing for it and they would feel very disappointed if they get to know from their friends that sports day happened and they were not present.  Besides each game is a team effort and the team with less children will be set back.

Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Kind regards

Ms. Geraldine and the Pre-Junior B team.

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Sports Day T-Shirt Colour

Dear parents and guardians,


These are the children’s colour groups for sports day being held on the 29th of May.  Each child has to wear the colour assigned to their particular group.

It is acceptable if the t-shirt happens to have a picture printed on it as long as the base colour is the one assigned to the child in particular as per list below.

They have to wear a comfortable pair of shorts (any colour) and their usual school shoes.

Sports Day Groups










1 – Aiden 1 – Luisa 1 – Chanelle 1 – Alec 1 – Osayma
2 – Jannik 2 – Julia D. 2 – Mason 2 – Kristina 2 – Mandy
3 – Loai 3 – Onur 3 – Silvio 3 – Julia G. 3 – Hailey C.
4 – Kay 4 – Bendi 4 – Lashaya 4 – Denzel 4 – Elias
5 – Hailey M. 5 – Jake 5 – Lemonie 5 – Luca 5 – Sam

All the children who participate in the races will be given a medal/trophy as a memento of their effort and participation.

If you have any queries I would be glad to help.


Ms. Geraldine