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Graduation Day

Dear parents and guardians,

As you all know tomorrow we will be celebrating the Pre-Junior Graduation.

Please drop off the children in class as usual at 8 o’clock the latest, preferably earlier.  We have to start the ceremony at 8.30am sharp because timing will affect the rest of the day’s programme.

The children have to come wearing the following:

  • Their summer uniform.
  • The bathing costume has to be worn underneath, just like when we had the water fun day at school.
  • However if the swimming costume shows under the shorts especially for the boys they can wear it right after the ceremony. It is important that they are smart and when they sit down on stage the swimming trunks do not show.  This is to ensure that any photos taken will look their best.
  • They have to wear their usual smart school shoes too.

Important Points – The following have to be sent in a separate labelled bag.

  • A towel
  • Appropriate shoes for the beach just like they had on water fun day.  (Not the usual school shoes now).
  • A swimming cap (If you have one.)  Those who don’t have will be provided with one from the pool reception.
  • Underwear and toiletries required for using the shower afterwards.
  • Armbands (not inflated)

As you all know one parent has to accompany each child for the swimming session.

Before we enter the pool area I will give you a pair of plastic over shoes to ensure the pool area remains clean.

I look forward to seeing you once again to spend another memorable day in the company of your little loved ones.


Ms. Geraldine


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