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As promised …

Dear parents and guardians,

Hope you are enjoying the summer holidays with your little loved ones!

Please send my regards to them on my behalf and my team.  I have finished compiling the end of year leaning journal.

Some might have already received it yesterday.  The rest might find it early in their next week post so be on the lookout   🙂

As promised I am uploading a couple of links which you might find useful over summer when playing on line with your children.

Enjoy   🙂



2 thoughts on “As promised …

  1. Hi Ms Geraldine,

    I hope this e-mail finds you well.

    Thank you for the report and for the nice and encouraging words you used to describe our son Mason.

    He will surely miss you.


    Mandy Fitzgerald

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    1. Hi Ms. Fitzgerald,

      Thank you so much. I really believe in what I said. That is Mason in class :).

      Tried to send you the points re. Parents’ day as I had promised but I don’t any of your contacts. Could not find you on Facebook as I did not know your name.

      If you have any queries just send me a mess. or your email.

      Another thing … I have some workbook s belonging to Mason. If you want I can leave them in a sealed envelope at Ms. Karen’s office coming Monday. Obviously you would need to pick them up before August as the school would be closed.

      Please give a big hug to Mason for me. I will miss him too. He was a pleasure to have in class.

      Ms. Geraldine


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