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Outing Forms Reminder

A gentle reminder to all those parents and guardians who did not send in their consent forms please do so as soon as possible.

Dentist Outing Forms

  • It is very important to send the dentist outing form clearly filled in. Children not having a signed consent form will not be able to be seen by the dentist.

Parent and child swimming outing – Recap on Ms. Karen’s email sent out to all.

  • You do not need to send in money for the children’s transport, food and swimming session as this should be covered by the lump sum paid at the beginning of the year.
  • If a parent will be attending, you will then need to pay for the transport and food (the food is optional) and you need to send in the payment with the completed form.  Payment will need to be as follows:

Parent – transport only (not eating) = Euro 2

Parent – transport, food and water = Euro 6

Parent – transport food and juice = Euro 6.50

It is important to have the swimming forms both for children and adults sent in by not later than the 14th of June as we in turn have to send in the order to the catering establishment who will have all the meals ready for us upon arrival..

Hope the above helps.

I will give you further guidelines what the children need for the swimming session closer to the date.

If you have further queries I would be glad to help.


Ms. Geraldine


2 thoughts on “Outing Forms Reminder

  1. Hi Ms Geraldine ,             Can you remember me if i already paid for the parent outing for food and drink please? And I think I want to pay you the €2 for the transport ? 
    Thanks a lotLashaya’s mum 
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