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Term 1 Week 7 – My Family

Storytime and Discussion


During our seventh week we continued talking about the meaning of family.

We saw that although mummy, daddy, brothers, sisters and pets make up our immediate family we can consider other people as part of our family such as aunties, uncles, and cousins.

These people love us and do special things for us and they form part of our family tree.  We compared the family to a tree.  A tree has strong roots just like the love we find in a family.

The branches represent the different members which make up a family.  One family can have just three family members whilst another family may contain nine family members.

We heard various songs for the children to understand the deep meaning of family.  At this age it might be confusing to understand such a concept.


We also read some books on this topic

Me and my family tree by Joan Sweeney

The children became aware that helping at home makes our family happy.  Mr. Large the Elephant helps us see this in the sweet story Mr. Large is in charge by Jill Murphy.

The children created their own family tree where they hand printed the foliage.  Then they proceeded to sponge paint 6 hearts representing 6 members of their family. (this links to the numeracy lesson).

Last but not least they drew their family members on small pieces of paper and stuck them to their tree craft.  This tree craft is hanging outside our classroom   🙂








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