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Last day of School

Dear parents and guardians,

party time.png
As you all know this Friday 23rd June is the last day of school for the children.  We usually finish our scholastic year with a party and other activities organized to make this day another memorable one for the kids.

This is what is happening on the day

  • A party – We will get the food items from an outside caterer so you will not have to prepare anything yourselves.
  • A puppet show and animation session in which the children will also participate.
  • A Bouncy castle session

Thus we are asking you to kindly send in 6 euros in a sealed envelope for the above clearly labelled with your child’s name and entitled Last day – Party Time.

Kindly also send in, in the same envelope another 3 euros for the workbooks that the children worked on during the third and last term.

So you have to send in 9 euros in total.

Kindly send in the money by Friday 23rd June.

I will let you know what the children need to get such as bag as well as dress code in another blog.

Thanks for your constant support.

Kind regards

Ms. Geraldine


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