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Term 3 week 7 – People Who Help Us – Part 5 Wardens

Another group of workers who help us in our everyday life are wardens.

First we took a look at what a warden does for a living – that mainly they are out and about making sure that people obey the rules and fined accordingly.

We saw the main difference between a warden and a policeman.  Wardens cannot carry any weapons or arrest people, but policeman do.

Like everyone else wardens encounter their difficulties at work such as when people are not nice to them when they correct their bad behavior.

We can recognize wardens from their smart uniform so when we need help out and about we can ask them.  Last but not least wardens usually use motorbikes as their vehicles.  Some other use cars.

The children watched a story of a warden/policeman who helps children at a school by setting examples.  This is an online version of the story.

Officer Buckle –

We also sequenced the pictures of the story and gave it a different ending.

The children watched and sang to the rhyme Police officer – Rhymes on Profession –

and to the he jolly phonics letter w song –

This introduction led us to the letter of the day – w – warden.  You can find more information in the literacy blog.


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