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Term 3 Week 7 – Number 19

The next number for this week number 19 was associated with the doctors and nurses topic.

After the usual drill of singing up to 20 song, writing it in the air, looking at the numicon shapes which make up this number also using play dough and practicing in sand,



The children did the rainbow formation and printed 19 windows onto the hospital where the doctors go to work.

The children played games on the interactive whiteboard where they had to count various objects till 19.

The students had to recognize 19 from other numbers and thus select it.    They practiced writing 19 on their workbooks too.  Last but not least they had a mixed page.


They also watched the following video clip –

Sesame Street- Number of the Day 19 Song- Let’s stomp 19 times

Elmo 1234 – Number 19 – Elmo 123 count with me, Sesame Street Elmo count with me by DisneyToysReview


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