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Outing at the dentist

The highlight of the 8th week was our visit to the dentist.  It was really a valuable experience for the children were they learnt to trust the dentist as a doctor who might help them.

In preparation for this visit, a day before a good chunk of circle time was dedicated to this topic.  First we discussed that our teeth are very important for us because we use them to bite and chew our food.

Our teeth give a shape to our lower part of the face along with the chin bones.  With shiny white teeth we can smile and feel good.

That is why it is important to take care of our teeth and brush them when we wake up and before we go to sleep.  We should also brush them when we eat some kind of sugary deserts or sweets.

Sugar is the number one enemy of our teeth.  It creates holes called cavities which hurt our teeth.

The children watched a story on the interactive whiteboard to put them at ease regarding going to the dentist.

Caillou at the Dentist –

Going to the Dentist Song | Original Songs | By LBB Junior –

The Carter Family 10: Going to the Dentist | Level 3 | By Little Fox

I also mentioned that the dentist has a magical chair which goes up and down as well as special tools like a very tiny mirror.

He also has a computer with a huge television where we can also see our teeth.  At the end of circle time the children were very excited and promised that they were going to take care of their teeth and brush them really well    🙂

At the clinic:

During the visit the children were split into two groups, half were with me and they were under the care of dentist Dr. Jean Paul.

The other half were taken care of by dentist Dr. Sara and accompanied by Ms. Corinne.  Below are the photos we took at the dentist.  Amongst them are the photos of Dr. Jean Paul showing us a set of huge make believe teeth and he showed the children how they should brush their teeth in a circular motion.

The children got to know that at present they have 20 teeth but when they are adults they will have 32.  Our dentist session ended with all the children paying a visit to the laboratory where they saw how false teeth are made.

Last but not least you received the dental plan of your child for your perusal along with the small gifts to encourage the children to brush their teeth regularly.

Enjoy the photos    🙂



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