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Fun Games Day

Tuesday 20th June is Fun Games for the junior school including the Pre-Junior classes.

As you were already informed via Ms. Georgina’s email, this will take the form of play water games as well as swimming in the pools already set up in the school grounds.

These are the main points which will guide you what to send for that day.

  1.  The children need to come to school wearing their bathing suit beneath their school uniform.  Since the children are young, to the contrary of what was originally stated in the e mail, girls may come in a two piece bathing suit since it makes it easier for them to access the toilet.
  2. You need to send in:
  • Ready blown up armbands
  • A towel
  • A t-shirt for the children to wear while swimming (compulsory) – either a swim top or a normal t shirt
  • A sun hat –  Extremely important since they cannot apply sun block before entering the pool BUT they can apply sun block from home.
  • Flip-flops, crocks or sandals
  • A pair of underpants to change into after swimming
  • A plastic bag to put the wet items in before sending them home.

Please ensure that everything you send in is clearly labelled so we don’t have any confusion.

  1.  An ice cream van will be visiting the school that day. If you wish, your child will be allowed to buy an ice cream.  Please write me a note in their notebook and leave it open with your decision. If the decision is yes send in Euro 2 in a labelled envelope with the child’s name.
  2. IMP. – Sun cream may be applied at home before the children come to school.

Thanks for your co-operation

Ms. Geraldine


One thought on “Fun Games Day

  1. Dear Ms. Geraldine,

    Thanks for your email. Since Hailey does not use armbands and she uses a noodle to swim, is it possible to bring this instead?

    Thanking you for your attention.

    Regards Maria Micallef


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