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Term 3 Week 6 – People Who Help Us and Their Vehicles – Part 3

The first topic session for this week was dedicated to a group of community workers who help people who are in difficulty mostly at the beach.

Now that summer is here we chose this topic to make the children more aware of what to look out for at the beach and what to do if they are in difficulty of any kind.

We started by preparing a picture mind map of all the things that we need to take at the beach to keep us safe and protect us.  These are the things the children came up with:

beach beach2

However they learnt that at times although we take our safety gear to the beach there are other difficulties that we may encounter which are beyond our control and we should be aware of them.

There are also special people who help us in this regard – The Search and Rescue Lifesavers.

These people would be positioned at popular beaches usually sitting on a very high chair so they can get a clear view of the entire beach and the sea as well.  So if we see someone needs help we go to them or start shouting and they come to us.


Besides these special workers we have to look out for other signs at the beach which mean specific things.

There is special flag system which shows us if a beach is safe to use or not.  These are some of the flags used.beach4.jpg

Other important points –

  • When we are swimming we have to be accompanied by an adult for now.
  • If a toy happens to move away into the water we don’t just rush to get it and end up in difficulty.
  • Whilst in the water we should not play rough by pushing or splashing water into people’s eyes.
  • Obviously since we are at the beach with a lot of people around we never walk away with strangers even if they offer us something delicious as an ice-cream.
  • Never go close to the yachts and other large sea vehicles.
  • Always obey our parents.

The children got to know that the lifeguards watch out for the large vehicles out at sea as well so they do not cross over a specific area.

Lifeguards themselves might go out at sea on their yachts to save lives.   This led us to the first letters of the week y – yachts.  More information in the literacy blog.


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