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Term 3 Week 5 Number 16

The next number on our number line is 16.

By now the children got used to the routine of marching up to 20 at the beginning of the lesson and they look forward to it:

Count and Move – Super Simple Songs



The children counted various objects up to 16.  I emphasized not to forget our tricky numbers out 11, 12, 13 and 15.  They also watched the following video clip –

Count with Elmo 16

As part of their hands on activities the children had to use the rainbow technique to form 16 on their number scrapbook.

They also had to count 16 sleepers and stick them on the beams to form a railway line for the train to pass over, on the following page.


The children also practiced writing number 16 on their number workbook 5.  They drew 16 balls and coloured in the numicon shapes.

Last but not least they practiced their counting skills on a mixed number page.



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