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Term 3 Week 5 Letter u – underground

We dedicated three pages on our literacy workbook to letter u.

Before practicing their writing skills, the children came up with their own words such as up, under, us, underground, umbrella and upside down.

We also played a game on the interactive whiteboard where we saw pictures of words which start with u and they had to spot them out.  I pointed out that there aren’t many words which start with this letter sound.

Most of the time you would find this letter in the middle of a word or in other places if the word is long.

Jolly Phonics Extra, Letter Sounds Book – /u/

Here is how the pages looked like.


Success Criteria to be able to write letter u–

  • You start writing this letter from the top.
  • First you go down.
  • You have to go round and not do a sleeping line.
  • The round part does not have to be too narrow or too wide.
  • When you go back up the line has to be the same size as the first line.

The children saw the following video clip:

The jolly phonics letter u song –

After completing these pages we had an extra page with 5 different letters, j, u, l, t, i and the children had to match these as first letter sounds to their appropriate picture and record them on their workbooks.  This is the page:



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