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People Who Help Us and Their Vehicles – Part 2

We started the 5th week of term three with introducing another group of people who help in the community.

These are the train conductors and any other workers who work in an underground system.  Although we do not have trains in Malta most of the children could relate to what I was talking about because they have been abroad and seen trains or even went on one.

Others followed because they have watched cartoons which featured trains such as Thomas The Tank Engine.

Underground trains for kids –

They also learnt that people might have jobs during the day whilst others might work with a timetable on a shift basis so that there would be trains working during the day and during the night too.

The children understood that to do such a job you need to be very attentive not to overrun speed limits and obey signals.

The children also saw that there are different types of trains which serve different proposes: Steam trains, electric trains etc. Some are used to carry people and others to carry cargo.

Some run on lines above the ground whilst others work underground.  We also looked at the symbols used for the trains to run smoothly; maps, metro, tunnels etc.

The children enjoyed hearing a couple of simple stories about trains too.  Here is the on line version.

I love trains! By Philemon Sturges

Terrific trains By Tony Mitton & Ant Parker

Thomas the Tank Engine Theme –

Down By The Station Nursery Rhyme

Train to the City | Family Sing Along – Muffin Songs –

This led us to the first letter of the week – u for underground.  More information found in the literacy blog.


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