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Term 3 Week 4 – Letter j

Besides watching the jolly phonic rhyme song pertaining to this letter, the children listened to a very short story which had j words in it.

They also observed the objects in the same picture which started with letter sound j.

The jolly phonics letter j song –

Jolly Phonics Extra, Letter Sounds Book – /j/

They then mentioned the words: Jane, jelly, jacket, jam, juice, jigsaw and juggler.  They also said jug, jar, jump, jog and jeep.

Success criteria for writing j.

  • J has a tall back.
  • It has a hook and not a tail or it would become a different letter.
  • You have to lift your hand from the paper to do the dot at the top.
  • The dot does not have to be very big nor very small.

I showed them the difference between j and i so they would not get confused whilst writing.

They practiced the letter j formation in sand as well as with buttons on big flashcards and finally recorded their work on their literacy workbooks.

Here is how the pages looked like.



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