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Term 3 Week 3 Letter l

In one of the previous topic blogs related to Holland I had spoken about locks.

It follows that the letter associated with this topic is letter l.  The children found letter l easy to write.  They came up with the usual list of words starting with l.

They mentioned words like lemon, leg, laugh, lion, and lollipop. Obviously they mentioned the children in class whose name starts with l too:  Luisa, Luca, Lemonie.

As usual besides experimenting with various mediums such as sand and different thickness of markers they wrote letter l on their workbooks.  Here is how the pages looked like.


Success criteria to be able to write letter l –

  • You start writing this letter from the top.
  • It has to straight.
  • Don’t forget the tail at the end.

The children saw two video clips:

The jolly phonics letter l song –

The letter
l song –


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