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Term 3 Week 3 Letter b

As regards the letter b we followed the usual procedure.  The words that they came up with were the following, boat, block, big, blue, banana, balloon, bag, bat, bug, bread, bed amongst others.

We also played a game where each group of children at their respective tables were given a letter we would have already done along with letter b example b, l, o, m.

I then gave them clues to a word starting with one of the letters and the children had to discuss what word they thought it was and the table representing that letter had to say the word.

Before starting the writing session I reminded the children of the little trick to use when writing b.  b looks at d.


Other success criteria for writing b:

  • b has a tall back.
  • When you go up to start the tummy go up only to the middle that is: a small bounce.

The writing section of the lesson consisted of experimenting on the mini whiteboards, practicing the letter formation on the big interactive whiteboard and finally recording it on their workbooks.

Songs we played in class as movement breaks related to this letter were these:

The jolly phonics letter b song –

The Letter B Song by –

This section of the workbook ended with a picture game where each group of children were given one of the letters below and they had to match them to the first letter sound of each word and then write it down in the corresponding box.

h k b m.png


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