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New Readers


Dear parents and guardians,

As I had posted in an earlier blog, starting from this term I am giving out the new readers as part of our library time at home.

Not all children will receive these books at one go as they slowly enter into a rotation system of about five children per week.

The rest of the students will receive the usual library book of their choice as we have usually done until all the children will enter into the rotation system.

The way to read a book with your child

For those children getting the usual readers they chose in class –

  1. First look at the cover of the book, ask the child what he/she thinks the book is all about.
  2. Mention the title of the book. What does this tell us about the story?
  3. Say the name of the author and the illustrator.
  4. Read the book to the child explaining difficult words on the way if any.
  5. Ask the child about how they think the story will continue or finish or how would they end it?
  6. If along the way you see any cvc words like cat, dog, run etc first ask the child to say each individual sound and try and blend the sounds together slowly. First blend the first two sounds and then add the third one.
    • Cat -> say the sounds individually – c-a-t.
    • Blend the first two sounds – c- a = ca.
    • Blend the third sound as well – c – a – t = cat.

For those children getting the new readers.

Please follow steps 1-3 as above

  1. For step 4 first show them how to blend by using the method shown in step 6.

Allocate enough time for the child to try to blend the words and don’t give the answer straight away if you see they don’t say the word.  Give them some time and encouragement.  Praise them if they say the word.

Ideas of how to check if they really know the word.

  • Choose a page at random and point to a word and ask what it is, blending slowly.
  • Write the word on a whiteboard or piece of paper and ask what the word is, blending slowly.
  • Write each word found in the book on a small piece of paper for each one and put them in a bag. Ask the child to take one out and try to blend it alone or with your help.

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