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Clothes Details And Tips for The Sunflower Guinness Book of Record Event


IMP – I encourage that you try your best to make it to this unique event because with the participation and help of each and every one of you we hope to break the record of the “largest number of persons dressed as sunflowers at a single venue”.

If for any reason you as a parent cannot make it to the event try and send a grandparent, aunt etc.

If you cannot make it, please note that it is still a normal school day for the children.  They have to be at school at the normal time 7.50 am even if the event starts at 9.15 am after mass.  I will explain why some parents could not attend.  They can understand more than we think if we give them a valid reason.

There are strict rules to be followed in order for each participant to be valid.

  1. All participants must wear green clothing (see below);
  2. All participants must wear a headdress around the face or on the head. The headdress must have large yellow petals on a brown band/cord to represent the sunflower head. (Example is stuck outside our class door.)
  3. Participants may also paint their faces yellow/brown but this is not a requirement;
  4. All participants must be in position simultaneously and remain so for a minimum of 5 minutes;
  5. No pointed heels will be allowed, for the protection of the turf pitch,

Clothes to be worn for the event:

  • Participants can wear trousers, shorts or tights, t-shirts, shirts, tops, jumpers skirts or dresses.
  • Any shade of green clothing is allowed even khaki colour.  If you happen not to have any of the green clothing mentioned participants can wear green garbage bags.  You can get a garbage bag against a small donation which will go towards the Hospice Malta from administration.
  • It is important that attire does not consist of a pot as part of the costume.
  • The School can order unisex t-shirts at the price of €2.50 (kindly contact Ms Natasha La Rosa, Senior School Admin office)
  • Alternatively a shop in Triq in-Naxxar, San Gwann (Felicity) is supplying the following items: green tights at €2.75 (in sizes 2-4, 4-6 and 6-8 years);  green t-shirts for kids at €4.95 (in sizes 2-13 years);  green t-shirts for adults at €5.95 (in sizes S, M, L and XL) or from any outlet of your choice.
  • Headdress: The headdress can be made of cardboard or of fabric, as long as it has large yellow petals on a brown band/cord – most of you have the template already but if you don’t we have available in class.


Thank you for your cooperation.


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