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The Netherlands – Part 3

One important aspect in the Dutch life is the way they earn their living.

The children became aware that animals form an important aspect of the Dutch life.  Animals like sheep, cows and goats are breed because their milk is used for producing very good quality cheeses which are sold to other countries each year.

We focused primarily on goats because this linked us to the first letter for this week – g for goats.

The main species is called the Dutch Landrace Goats.  The children got to know that till a few years ago these animals were in danger of becoming extinct.

However these were put into special reserves and breed to now make up 2000 or so.

First they became aware that there are different kinds of goats.  We took a closer look at the Dutch goats vs the Maltese goats.

Dutch Landrace Goats

Maltese Goats

They also watched two fun fact videos clips to get to know about these interesting animals.

We associated these animals to the story of the Three Billy Goat Gruff.

Here are some photos of the children watching the story on the interactive whiteboard after which we discussed some aspects of this tale.



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