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Term 3 Week 3 The Netherlands – Part 4


Holland is a country where most of the land is below sea level.  So the Dutch had to find ways and means to get rid of some of the water in order to reclaim land.

They used various ways by building dikes, windmills and canals.  In order for the latter to work they had to also build locks.

L for Locks was the next piece of the puzzle in our topic work regarding Holland.

The children got to know that locks are built because various parts of the canals were not of the same height, some parts were lower and some parts were higher.  So for the water to be at the same height and the boats could pass through they built something special called a lock.

This had the shape of a rectangular bath with holes where water was pumped in and out to make the water level go higher or lower as needed.  Besides this explanation they also watched a couple of video clips to help them visualize this mechanism.

How Canals Work

Mr lytles class canal locks animation

Erie Canal Locks Time Lapse HD Video

The children had a hands on experience of how locks work through a water play session.

We actually had a toy lock and a canal system set up.  The children poured water in the lock and the canal and also pumped it in and out to see it physically work and allow the toy boats to pass through.

They also played with water by pouring water into various as different sized containers.  Through such an exercise they were indirectly learning about the mathematical concept of volume as well as hand and eye co-ordination in relation to another object.

They had a whale of a time.  So sorry if they got wet although they had their aprons on!

Letter l was the next letter in the alphabet that the children practiced.  Details in the literacy blog.


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