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Term 3 Week 2 Writing Letter o

One colour which is synonymous with the Dutch is the colour orange.  In fact this colour is considered as the national colour of Holland.

This is because way back in the years a certain Wilhelm of Orange was an important King for the Dutch people.  This colour was once part of the Dutch national flag too, however over the years the orange became red.

The Dutch football national team however, still wears an orange t-shirt and shorts as their official gear.

The children watched a sweet story called The Golden Orange to link this colour to our literacy part of the lessons: O-Orange. Here is the story below:

After the story was discussed and the children answered some related questions we proceeded to work on our work books.

As was expected the children found this letter very easy to write.  In fact we had planned only two writing pages in out literacy pages.


Success Criteria to be able to write letter o –

  • I pointed out that the children who write with their right hand have to form the curve towards the hand which holds the workbook.
  • On the other hand the left handed people have to pull the curve towards the arm they are writing with.

The children came up with their own words which start with this letter sound.  Some of the words were octopus, orange, on, ostrich, old, over and of course Osayma and Onur.


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