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Term 3 Week 2 Writing Letter d

As you read from the topic work blog the first letter for week 2 was letter sound d for Dutch.

As usual we started with the alphabet song where the children practiced saying the alphabet in a fun way as well as practicing the actions associated with each letter.

We then moved on to the formation part were we wrote the letter in the air and in sand.  The children then came up with their own words starting with this letter sound. They mentioned words like drum, dance, daddy, dress, drive, dog, dig, door, doll and Denzel.

They also watched the following video clip.

The jolly phonics letter d song –

Letter d Song Video

The children practiced their letter d in their literacy workbook 8.  These are how the pages looked like:


Success Criteria for writing letter d.

  • Always start writing this letter from the middle.
  • This letter has a tall back and a small tail.
  • So as not to mix it with letter b which is often the case at this age we use the following images.



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