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Term 3 Week 2 – The Parable of the Lost Sheep


Our religion lesson this week was based on the parable of the lost sheep.

The children watched an online version of this story after which we had a discussion.  This was the outcome:

  • The shepherd cared for each and every sheep just like Jesus cares for us. Even our parents and guardians care for us in the same way.  They all protect us and help us in different life situations.  They will do their best for us.
  • The sheep did not do a good thing by wondering off from the herd. Even we at times do things which are not quite right like not listening to our parents and teachers.  The children came up with their own list of things that they should do better at times.   However those who care for us always forgive us and show us the right thing to do.  Even Jesus does the same.

The children then created their own sheep to help the shepherd in the parable.  They pretended to help the shepherd just like Jesus and the ones who love us help us.

The craft was created from a cut out of the black sheep and the children stuck balls of cotton wool on top.  Here is what their craft looked like   🙂



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