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Term 3 Week 2 – The Netherlands – Part 2

As you might imagine our topic work this week evolved around Holland.

We spoke about another aspect of the Dutch life – The people.  The children learnt that people born in Holland are called Dutch,  just like the people born in Malta are called Maltese, the people from England are called English and the people from Italy are called Italians and so forth.

We looked at every child in class and mentioned which country they were born at and mentioned their nationality.

We also saw other characteristics which make up belong to that particular country such as the flag, the language and the national anthem.  The children heard the Dutch national anthem whilst watching photos of different aspects of the Dutch life.

Each country has legends, traditions and stories which make part of their culture and which are passed on from generation to generation.

One such story is that of the Dutch boy who saved Holland with his innocent yet heroic gesture.  Here is the story the children watched:

The children also coloured a picture of Hans which will be part of our class decoration.  He will be part of our class door in the coming week or so too   🙂

We also looked at the National Colour of Holland and also at the various animals which are very important for this country.  All these aspects are found as part of the literacy blogs.


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