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Term 3 Week 1 Number 11 – Revision from 1-10

As you all know at the end of last term we were working on basic addition.  We will go through the steps of adding up so that the children do not forget this concept.

During our third term we will be focusing mainly on numbers 11-20. We will look at the numbers individually and learn how to count till that number without skipping any other number in the process.

The children will learn how to recognize a given number and remember its name.  They will also practice the skill of drawing the value of a given number without getting distracted in the process … amongst other things.

Revision of numbers 1-10

The children sequenced the numbers through games.  They also practiced their formation.

Number 11

I make a big fuss when we start working on number 11 upwards.  I tell the children that since now they are growing up they are learning to work with bigger numbers.

Numbers which do not stand alone anymore such as 1-9 but which have a friend holding their hands just like number 10.  From time to time I make them aware of the pattern work there is in numbers.

Example numbers 10-19 all start with a 1 in front, and each has a friend standing near it 0,1,2,3,4,5 and so on.

After I explained all this the children had various hands on activities where they counted till 11.  One of the main games consisted of having the numicon shapes representing 11 and they had to roll up small play dough balls and insert them in the holes that the numicon shapes have, counting in the process.


They also stuck 11 small stickers onto a small flag in their number workbook.  This exercise also served the purpose of further developing their fine motor skills.

They also practiced writing their number 11 which was a very easy task since they have been writing their 1’s.  This is how the workbook pages look like.


The challenge was to count till 11, drawing the circles in the process and not getting easily distracted.


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