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Important Note:- Special Events

Dear parents and guardians,


As you are aware a number of activities are coming up in the following weeks. Ms. Karen sent you the documents which pertain to these events.

I am resending just in case you did not receive them.  It is very important that you send in the consent forms attached to the documents especially the Giochi Senza Frontiere one (Sports Day Event) tomorrow or Wednesday.

This is because I need to go through them and confirm the children who will surely make it on the day.  Only this way would I be able to give you the t-shirt colour your child needs to wear during the event.

I encourage you to join us.  The children really enjoy the activities and they are extremely disappointed and even get upset when they realise that their family member is not present.

Event List:

  1. Esplora Outing -17th May for Pre- Junoir B – This is a class event (No parents).
  2. Open Day and Guiness Book Of Records – 18th May – This is a Child and Parent Event.
  3. Giochi Senza Frontiere (Sports Day) – 29th May – This is a Child and Parent Event. (This date had been moved to the 29th).

Giochi Senza frontiere (Sports Event) – May 2017
Pre-Junior Esplora Outing (May 2017)
School Event (Thursday 18th May)


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