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Term 3 Week 1 – Holland – Part 1

The topic the pre-junior teachers have chosen for most part of the last term is The Netherlands.  We have chosen this country because our sports day is based on traditions and culture which pertain to Holland.

We started off the week by first welcoming the children and asking them if they enjoyed their holidays.

I then explained the idea of show and tell based on an activity they did during their Easter Holidays.  I asked them to deliver a message to you as parents and guardians to send in a photo via email or other media (USB).  I had blogged it as well.  For all those who missed out reading it and wish to send in the photo here is my school email address:

Below you will find the photo of the children who spoke about their Easter experience.

Back to our topic work

The children were shown a powerpoint presentation about Holland portraying interesting facts about this country.  They learnt that the people here are called Dutch and that the capital city is called Amsterdam.

They are one of the tallest people in the world.  The Dutch are very well known for the very good cheese they produce.  Holland is a marshy land surrounded by the sea.  In order for the people to be able to build their houses and crops they had to pump out a great amount of water.  They did this by building the lovely windmills that are still standing today.

We also spoke about the flag of Holland.  They got to know that each country has its own flag and the colours on each flag have meaning.  Example white means peace, red means love or power depending on the history of that particular country.  Blue means serenity or the importance of water that the country might depend on.

The children created the Dutch flag using strips of red, white and blue which they stuck onto a white sheet of paper.  This also linked us to one of the main letters for this week f-flag. Further details can be found in the literacy blog.

holland flag

Dutch Flag

This is only some of the information the children got to know about.  We even played a quiz where the children answered some questions related to the above, they really enjoyed it   🙂

Jannik so sorry the photo that I took in class was not so good.  So next week we will take another one and I will upload it on the blog with the other photos.  The rest will share their experience during the coming week.


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