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Change of uniform – interim provision

Change of uniform – interim provision,

Please refer to the below document sent by Ms. Karen Galea, just in case you did not receive it.


Ms. Geraldine



Att: Parents of Flutterby Child Care Centre & Pre-Junior Classes

Dear Parents,

Please note that since the weather is getting warmer but still unsettled, we thought of creating an interim uniform provision starting from Tuesday 2nd May until further notice.

All the Flutterby and the Pre-Junior students are to start wearing the summer polo short-sleeved orange top and navy blue cardigan (with Flutterby logo) instead of the orange winter track-suit top until we decide to change completely into the summer uniform. With regards to the trousers, the children are still expected to wear the winter navy blue track-suit trousers.

I thank you in advance for your kind attention and co-operation.


Kind regards,

Karen Galea

Early School Years Director


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