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Term 2 Week 13 In the Garden – Part 7

This is the last week we tackled the topic in the garden.  For this week we taught that since we will be working with letter k we might talk about kites.

Many people enjoy making kites.  In fact they take it up as a hobby and also attend kite festivals to show their kite, fly it and also compete for the best kite made.  The children could themselves take it up as their own pastime.

In class we read the book Kite Flying written by Grace Lin.  In this book we saw a simple way of making a kite.  It is important to make a list before starting and shop for the items needed.

We also spoke about how important lists are in our everyday life because they help us stay organized.  We brainstormed what lists we might need in our everyday life.  This is what the children came up with.  Grocery list, book list, before coming to school list, school bag list, what we do every day list, colour pencil list, etc.


Even children can make their own list even if they do not know how to write.  They can draw or find pictures of the objects they need.

Children love to know what they are going to do next.  It gives them a sense of security as well as satisfying their curious little minds. You can prepare general lists together; laminate them and each day mark what applies to the family or for the child on that particular day.

Back to our kite

Even we prepared our own list of items needed for making our own kites in class.  Please see below some photos of the children creating their own craft.  All we used was

  • Coloured paper in the shape of a diamond
  • Two lengths of kebab sticks
  • Tape to attach the paper to the sticks
  • Colours to decorate the kite with
  • Different shaped/sized coloured paper to stick onto he kite
  • Glue stick
  • Ribbon for the tail as well as for holding the kite from.

Here are some photos of the children working in class and also flying their kite during one of our P.E. lessons.  (Only some of the children will feature in these photos as we were working with stations in class and during P.E. it was difficult to capture some children since they were moving around all the time)  Some of the other children will be in other photos doing something else.


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