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Term 2 Week 12 – The Easter Story


We could not finish the term without taking a close look at the Easter Story.

In Pre-junior we take great care how to explain Easter to the children.  At first I asked the children what they thought Easter was all about.  The replies were varied.  Some mentioned that Easter was all about Jesus and how much He loves us.

Others said that it was about spring and Easter bunnies and lovely colours.   A few said it was about Easter eggs, chocolates and presents.  After this they watched a video clip of what other children like them, think Easter is all about.

Story – A very special Easter

I then went through the true meaning of Easter.  All the sacrifices we have been doing during the 40 days before Easter that is Lent, were mentioned.

In our case I also spoke about the good deed hearts the children have been bringing in.  The children were reminded that the following week they were going to present them to Our Lady of Sorrows.

Even Jesus made a very big sacrifice for us by dying on the cross BUT 3 days later He rose again and went up to Heaven.  They watched a child friendly encounter of what happened at the time of Jesus in the following clip.

The Beginner’s Bible Resurrection Story

We ended the lesson by starting a candle craft. The children got to know that a candle means hope because by dying for us Jesus gave us hope for a better life.


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