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Term 2 Week 12 Basic Addition, adding zero, drawing, counting and adding

Like the previous week we kept working on our addition using tangibles and different working stations.  This week we also added zero to a given number.  This confused some children at first but with some practice they managed to get the concept.

We also added using another technique.  This time the children had the sum written down.  They had to draw the amount asked for on both sides of the addition sum and then count everything altogether and write the answer down.

Using this technique requires different skills.

  • The children have to be able to recognize the numbers.
  • To be able to draw the appropriate value and stop at the value asked for.
  • To be able to draw the objects clearly so then they would be able to count the objects altogether by using the cutting method.


The children were given the above flashcards to practice their addition, along with play dough and blocks.

Below is a sample of the pages we worked in class for both adding zero and adding by first drawing, then counting and finally adding.




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