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Term 2 Week 12 In the Garden Part 6

Even the 12th week was jam packed with activities as usual.

We welcomed another animal into our garden.  This week it was the turn of the hedgehog to keep us company.  The children heard the story of Herald the Hedgehog.

They even learnt a lesson where we should be happy with what we have rather than always wish for what the others have.

You can enjoy the story with your children and maybe develop a discussion just like we did in class by following the link below.

Harold the Hedgehog

We also saw some interesting facts about these sweet little creatures.  Such as there are 17 different kinds of hedgehog families living around the world. Mummy hedgehogs have around 6 babies at one go.

The babies are called hoglets. They have a very good sense of smell.  They love living on the ground but know how to climb and swim.  These fun facts and many more were read from the book below.

hedgehog book

Since hedgehogs are nocturnal animals they often try to cross the road in the dark.  Unfortunately they are not seen by the drivers being so small and they end up dead.

Thus campaigns take place from time to time to help everybody become aware of this fact.  We have to look out for signs like the ones below when travelling in our countryside.


We extended the lesson to how we should cross the road.  We practiced crossing the road in class. (I also mentioned that even if we learn to cross the road we still hold our mummies, daddy’s hand).  We watched these video clips about this topic.

Think, Hedgehog Road Safety-King of the Road

Stop, Look, Listen


As we do for every letter we created a craft for this letter too.  A cute little hedgehog made out of a paper plate which the children painted brown.

We then added a fringe for spikes and added the nose and the googly eyes. Here is how the hedgehog looked like.

hedgehog craft

The work done on the literacy workbook can be found under the literacy section.


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