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Term 2 Week 11 – In the Garden – Part 5

Catch Up Time!

I am finally bringing the blog up to date before the last term commences.  Sorry for the delay but the last two weeks of school were even more hectic than usual.

During this week as you all know the children kept on bringing their good deeds hearts.  Their enthusiasm for doing an effort to helping others and being good was still evident on their faces when I read their good deeds.  You could see their eyes twinkle with pride and the good feeling one gets when they are praised.

All those who on one day or another did not bring in good deed hearts, were still involved as I am sure they too did their utmost to be on their best behaviour.

Back to our topic work……..

During this week we continued developing the “In the Garden topic.”  Similar to what we had done during the 10th week (we had read the Tale of Peter Rabbit and learnt some facts about these animals and created the rabbit craft) this week we sequenced the story using pictures on the interactive whiteboard.

We also discussed the moral behind the story.  In fact the children came up with many ideas of how Peter Rabbit should have behaved.  They were aware that not following certain basic rules could lead us into trouble just like what happened to Peter.

New Letter m

During this week we continued adding more creatures which can be found in our garden. Our new addition is the mouse.  We read the story, The Lion and the Mouse.  The children got to know that such a story is called a fable and that it is a story which teaches us a lesson.  Here is the online version of our story.

The Lion and the Mouse – Aesop’s Fable


The children got to know some interesting facts about these creatures.  Some of which were the following.  Mice belong to the family of rodents and there are 30 different species.  They are usually nocturnal animals.

They have poor eyesight but very good hearing and smell.  Their tails can grow as long as their bodies.  Mice use their whiskers to sense changes in temperature and to help feel the surface they are walking along.

Animated rodent characters have been used for a good number of children’s films such as in Stuart Little, Flushed Away, Ratatouille, and of course the Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse series.

If you have the time you might show one of the above to the children during the Easter holidays    🙂


We also created a mouse craft using foam and felt.


Our little colourful mice are scurrying around and climbing our tree of good deeds outside our classroom.

Details about the word blending sessions and workbook pages we worked on during this week can be found under the literacy section.


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