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Term 2 Week 11 – Blending Word Sessions

During week 11 we started using the little flashcards I had sent home for lamination to put letters together into simple words such as cat, hat, mat, ran etc.  (They are also called cvc words.)

Prior to this the children had the time to look at these cards on several occasions and tried and copy the letters we had already done so they get familiar with handling them and putting them back in the appropriate pouches.



We used two methods to blend the above along with songs to further understand the concept.

Method 1 – The slide method

To read the word cat, I used the following steps.

  • To read the word, I need the letters to go up the slide, c,a,t.  Letter a is scared to go up so letter c helps her go up the slide.
  • Letter t promises to catch her at the bottom of the slide.
  • We stick c and a together.  We say these two letters sounds together really fast and they make the sound ca.  They go up the ladder making the sound ca, ca, ca, ca.
  • They go down the slide saying the sounds ca, ca, ca, ca until they bump into the t at the bottom, and the sounds become ca-t, cat.



Method 2 – The say, stretch and blend method.

Step 1 – Say the individual sounds.  In cat you say c-a-t slowly

Step 2 – Say the sounds again this time stretching each one.

Step 3 – Say each letter faster for about 3 times c-a-t, c-a-t, c-a-t until you hear the letters form the word.

Step 4 – Then say the word cat and clap once which means the word has been blended.

These are some photos taken during our blending sections in class.


We will keep on using the say, stretch and blend method when reading different words in our readers during the third term.  You can practice blending with your children using method 2.  It is important that you use

  1. The sounds of letters and not the letter names.
  2. Use this method only with cvc words consonant, vowel, consonant as in the page displayed above.

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