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Term 2 Week 11 – Blending Sessions – Part 2

Here are some video clips we used in class to help you further understand what blending letters into words is all about.  I forgot to post them in the last literacy blog.

The CVC Word Song (Version 1)

Phonics Blending Song CVC Words and More

You already have an idea of the letter sounds from the jolly phonic rhymes I had posted back in term 1.  However here is a video clip which has all the sounds together.  Only set 1 mentioned in the video clip applies for your children at this stage.

Most of the children did really well during our blending sessions.  Some managed to blend words all alone, others needed a little help especially with the last sound, and only a few need to revise the letter sounds in order to blend the words.  However here are some common difficulties which some encountered at some point or another.

  • Might not be able to blend if they are not sure of the letter sounds. We cannot say ne for n sound, or me for the m sound. The n and the m have to be stretched as nnn and mmm.
  • They blend the first two letter sounds and not the 3rd
  • They blend the 1st two sounds such as ca in cap and assume that they are blending the word cat. In their enthusiasm they say cat and don’t look out for the 3rd and last sound.
  • They look away whilst trying to put the letters together and forget what they were doing.
  • Say the letter name and not the letter sounds.
  • Certain pronunciations might not be in place like letter It has to be read with an open mouth as if about to bite into an apple. Letter e has to be read with a stretched mouth from side to side.

You can find many online games which support blending.  This website below has a game which does exactly this.

If you have any difficulty about blending and pronunciation just let me know at the start of the 3rd term and I would be more than happy to help   🙂


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