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Good Deeds – Acts of Mercy

good deeds1

Dear parents and guardians a gentle reminder that each one of child got home a small paper heart in their folder.

  1. Please watch out for something positive (a good deed, and act of mercy) they might do at home and write it down on the paper.
  2. Write it down on the heart.
  3. Glue the heart onto a small piece of cardnoard or cereal box.
  4. Write the name of your child at the back.
  5. Please send it tomorrow and we will mention and make a big do about the good deed during circle time.

Here are some ideas that might help you:

  • Share toys with brothers/sisters, cousins and friends.
  • Give a hug to someone who is feeling sad.
  • Help at home by putting away the toys.
  • Help by laying the table.
  • Draw a picture for grandma or grandpa.
  • You wait if you need something and not nag and cry until you get what you want.
  • Be polite say please and thank you.
  • Say sorry when you would have done a mistake.
  • Ask other children if they want to play most especially if they do not have friends with whom to play.
  • Pick up any rubbish which might be on the floor.
  • Try and do your bed.
  • Give away a toy or two to someone who might appreciate it such as the poor always with parents’ permission.
  • Don’t moan because you don’t want to eat your food.

All these good deeds can be done with family, neighbours, friends and other members of the community.

good deeds2



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