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Term 2 Week 10 Writing letter r

As you know from the topic work section the second letter for this tenth week was r.  The children can now understand to which group each letter belongs to.

In fact they said it is a one-armed robot letter because the small piece at the top of the letter looks like an arm.

The words they came up with were the following:  red, rain, rainbow, ring, race, road, rut, run, ran, river, rat, rabbit and Ruth amongst others.

Beside writing this letter on the interactive whiteboard they wrote this letter on their workbooks.  This is how the pages looked like:


I also stressed the following points to help the children get the correct formation:

  • Letter r is written in one motion. We do not lift the pencil from the paper whilst writing it.
  • When we bounce back up we try to go up on the same line we came down.
  • The nod or arm is curved not sleeping. It is not too long either.

The children also did the much awaited rice rabbit.

They really enjoyed feeling the rice before filling up their sock with it.  The final touches will added on next week and will show you a sample.

In fact we will finish working with this letter next week.


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