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Term 2 Week 10 Writing letter e

After finishing the topic work pertaining to the word egg we moved on to the letter sound it starts with e.  The children explored words which start with this letter sound and these are the words they came up with: elephant, eat, elbow, envelope, enter, exit, egg, earth and exam.

They also practiced writing this letter on the interactive whiteboard after which they proceeded to write the letter on their new literacy workbook 7.

This is how the pages looked like:


As you can see from the pages above letter e is a caterpillar letter.

This is because when you start writing it, the letter curves straight away so a caterpillar could actually go round it if the letter existed in three dimensional form.

Besides following the letter formation mentioned in the above pages I stressed the following points

To help the children get the correct formation:

  • Letter e is written in one motion. We do not lift the pencil from the paper whilst writing it.
  • We do not start from the top but from the middle.
  • When we curve the curve has to touch the middle dot too.

We even carried out an experiment in class thanks to Mrs. Galea, Julia and Kristina’s mummy who lent us their volcano which we called Etna just like the one in Sicily and saw it “erupt”.

The children were very excited.  They also watched a video of famous volcanoes which erupt on Earth.

volcanoes gera

We also practiced words with the first letter sounds c, a and s and then worked the following page.



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