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Term 2 Week 10 Small/Less and Big/More Concepts

This week we started with the concept of small/less and big/more.

Step 1 – The children were shown various examples of objects that we find in the classroom and they had to say which are small and which are big.

Step 2 – We then proceeded to quantity where the children were shown two containers at a time and by comparing they had to state which contained more or which had less.  They learnt that sometimes we cannot count the objects one by one they are so small, such as rice or sand.

Step 3 – We then moved on to looking at a number line were the numbers close to 1 are smaller than the numbers close to 10.  The latter are bigger. This is a difficult concept and for the children to understand it better we used tangible objects (blocks and the numicon shapes).

You can play games using this language of more or less with the children as you go along the house whilst doing your chores such as the laundry.

Whilst putting the clothes into a pile say which has more this pile of socks or this pile of towels or which plate has less pasta this plate or this one.

Which is bigger in quantity 5 eggs or 9 eggs?  And so forth …

These are the two pages we worked together for the children to get an idea of what we were talking about.



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