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Term 2 week 10 Introduction to Basic Addition

This week we started working with basic addition.

As an introduction to this important concept we took a close look at why we add up numbers in everyday life, we count our toys altogether to see how many we have,  we count the plates altogether when setting the table, we add when friends share things with us to see how many we have as an end result etc.

We played shopping where the children pretended to buy things and add 1 to the amount they had.  In the process they were introduced to the new words add, equals and altogether.

They also saw the symbols which represent these terms.  We also worked 1 page on our new numeracy workbook 4.  This is how the page looked like.

basc addition

The success criteria for working a basic addition sum are as follows:

  • Count the objects on the left hand side.
  • Write the number down in the box underneath.
  • Count the numbers on the right hand side.
  • Write the number down in the box underneath.
  • Read the sum Eg 1 plus 1 equals.
  • Count altogether (I do a big circle with my hands to emphasize this).
  • Write down the answer in the last box.

The children use the number line if they are stuck with how to write certain numbers by counting from the beginning until they arrive to the number they want to write and then copy it.

To practice the above concept besides using manipulatives we also played games on the website where the children added potatoes and added animals.  They really enjoyed this game.

We will be practicing this concept till the end of term 2.


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