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Term 2 Week 10 In the Garden – Part 4

We have been exploring the topic “in the garden” for the past two weeks.

This week we are going to add another thing to our garden wall outside the classroom.  We spoke about the fact that spring time is around the corner and that it is during this time that most animals have their young.

Some of these young hatch from eggs.  Associated with this topic is the following story which is full of information about animals and their young.

Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones by Ruth Heller –

After the story we learnt why these animals or omnivores lay eggs.  What is the size of their eggs and why.  This also linked us to big/small and less/more in the numeracy section because some creatures have a lot of eggs at one go while others have a few.

We also had a treasure hunt in class where the children had to find pictures of animals which lay eggs versus animals who have replicas of themselves straight away.  Through the years people have realized that most of these eggs are edible.

We humans have also copied the egg shape to create chocolate eggs.  Eggs are one of the many symbols we use at Easter time.

We created these little mini Easter eggs which the children can hang at home.  They will be getting them home before the Easter holidays    🙂

easter eggds decorations.png

As you can imagine this links us to the literacy lesson.  You will find further details in the literacy session.



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