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Term 2 week 10 In the Garden Part 4 continued …

During this week we also spoke about another creature which falls under our topic of “In the Garden” and which is also associated with Easter Time.

This is the rabbit.  The children watched the classic Tale of Peter Rabbit

The story was animated with the use of soft toys in class which the children really enjoyed.

We then learned some facts about rabbits such as where do rabbits live? What are the male, female and little rabbits called. The children got to know that rabbits in the wild live in holes they dig underground called burrows.

How many babies do they have?  We took a look at what rabbits like to eat.  We compared these facts with information in the Tale of Peter Rabbit.

We are not done with Peter Rabbit yet.  Next week we continue to explore the story we watched this week.

The children created a craft associated with this topic too.  Letter r is the second letter which we spoke about this week.  But further details are found under the literacy section.


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