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Term 2 Week 9 – Symmetry, Heavy and Light and Writing Number 10

During this week we worked on various concepts.

  • Symmetry
  • Heavy and light
  • Number 10


We had already spoken about this a few weeks back when we were exploring the use of paints.  We had created a friendly monster by putting blobs of paint onto a blank sheet of paper and folding it in half.

When we opened the paper again we had an identical array of vibrant colours on both sides.  These monsters are hanging outside on one of our pre-junior b walls.

For this week’s lesson we took a look around us and found things which are symmetrical we also watched a couple of videos and finished with working a page on our Maths Space and Measure workbook.


We also played some games online related to this topic.

Heavy and Light

The children really enjoyed this topic.  The children experimented with physically weighing different objects and seeing for themselves which were heavy and light by using their hands.  We also used small scales for the same reason.

We watched this video clip –

We also worked these pages on the same workbook mentioned above.


Number 10.

The children found number 10 easy to write.

Besides doing the usual lesson of counting objects till 10 and working the usual number 10 writing pages we did a hands on exercise where the children used the numicon shapes to create a 1-10 numberline thus practicing their sequencing.

Here are some of the photos taken in class whilst the children were exploring the numcon shapes prior to creating their number line.

Some points about number 10

  • When we write this number we always start from 1 then 0.
  • The numbers have to be of the same size.
  • They cannot be stuck to each other.



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