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Low Class Resources

Dear parents and guardians,

Only about four weeks left to the end of second term and some of the class supplies you sent in at the beginning of the scholastic year are running very low.

Could you kindly send over the following:

  1. 1 big packet (approximately the 72 pack) of sensitive wipes not the ones used to wipe tables with.
  2. 1 tube of large glue stick.

Please also send

  1. 1 A3 button envelope folder any colour clearly labelled with your child’s name. I will be using this in class for individual resources your son/daughter might need handy whilst working on their table. I will be returning this folder at the end of the scholastic year with the crafts we would have done during the three terms.


  1. In the coming week we will be doing a craft in class related to the letter sound r. Please send in a clean used child’s sock and 200 gr of rice in a small plastic bag.  We will be transforming these into a small rabbit.

There are a couple of parents who have already sent a packet of wipes out of their own free will.  Those parents please ignore point number 1.
Thanks for your help and co-operation.


Ms. Geraldine


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