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Term 2 Week 7 Writing number 5

This week we finished working with number 3 and started practicing our number 5’s. The children remembered that Mrs. Duck helped us form number 5.  They used blocks to practice counting several numbers amongst them number 5.

Writing number 5

As you all know by now our main focus is on the formation.  The children have to say the steps that are in the above rhyme above or use language which is close to this rhyme, whilst writing.

WALT and WILF stuck on our whiteboard help us remember these steps.  Here is how our number writing pages look like.   (They include WALT and WILF).

Other important points

  • I always remind the children that we start writing from the line at the top left and proceed to the right side, than we go down to the next line and start from the left hand side at the very edge. Usually whilst explaining I physically show them on paper as they might not know right from left.  Also children at this age have a tendency to just pick a box and fill it in and then choose another at random.
  • When writing this number I remind the children that the vertical part/neck is not too short nor too long.
  • Even the round part is not too small nor too big.
  • We always give this number a hat.
  • We have to lift our pencil from the paper to give this number a hat. The children need a reminder for this at times.
  • I also remind them from time to time to write the number in the box.
  • If they have just a dot in a box, that is not a mistake but they have to use their imagination and remember how to form the number. At times they would need guidance from where to start and to where they need to proceed.

As you know from previous blogs the children had to count and glue 5 eggs onto the bird nests.

As part of the number 5 lessons the children also sang to various nursey rhymes –

5 little ducks –

5 speckled frogs



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