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Term 2 Week 7 – In the Garden – Part 2

As I mentioned in the last literacy blog we were going to continue talking about apples during this week.

I want to thank you all for sending over the sliced apples.  Most of the children did eat their apples as part of their breakfast.  For others it was hard since they did not like them.  I tried  🙂

As part of our topic work the children watched a story called Apple Trouble written by Ragnhild Scamell:

We had a craft prepared also for letter a sound.  The children were given a cutout of the letter a and they had to glue square pieces of red paper onto it as if it was an apple.

We then shifted our attention to other things that can be found in the garden.  We spoke about things which grow from the ground such as flowers.  These grow from seeds.  They need soil, sun and water to grow.

These words linked us to the other letter of the week letter s. S for sunflower.  I read a book to the children called Ten Seeds written by Ruth Brown.  This is an on line version:

The children really enjoyed the story because we used our fingers to count back and we created some suspense every time one of the seeds was being eaten or crushed. The children watched a couple of songs related to this topic amongst them:

The Sunflower song –

You will find more information about the formation of the letter s sound in the literacy blog.

We will continue to work with this letter next week as well.


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