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In the Garden – Part 1

“In the garden” is the new topic we started working on during the 7th week.

During circle time we spoke about the many things and creatures we can find in the garden.  The children managed to come up with many ideas of their own such as flowers, ants, snail, grass and trees.

We went into detail of what might live in trees and this lead us to the word nest.  We spoke about what a nest might be made up of and what it is used for.  We watched a story called

The best nest by P.D. Eastman

The children created their own nest using a paper plate.  They painted it half blue and half brown and after it dried up they glued recycled shredded paper for the twigs.  They also stuck a small bird in the middle.  They will be finishing this craft next week by sticking 5 eggs onto it.


This links us to the number lesson since we are currently writing our number 5’s. More detail on this number in the numeracy blog.

The n sound was the first sound we started working with this week. More details as usual in the literacy blog.

We also spoke about what might grow on trees.  One of the things the children mentioned was apples.

Letter a sound was the 2nd letter we started discussing during this week.  More details in the literacy blog too.


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