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Carnival Festivities – Part 1

This week’s high lights were our carnival festivities.

Work on this project started weeks back.  First there was the choice of the topic.  Each class had to choose a country which they would represent.

After putting our heads together the pre-junior B team came up with the idea of the flower festival held in Nice in France.  We thought of using this idea and parading it on one of the most popular monuments in France, the Eiffel Tower.

At this point I want to thank Ms. Corinne and Ms. Christine for the hard work they put into this project.  Without them this project would not have been possible.   Our first step was to put together the design on our class door.  With great patience and artistic flair Ms. Christine created a replica of the Eiffel tower.  The children painted the petals for the huge flowers which accompany the tower.

The base for the Eiffel tower was made from wood.  Then endless flowers were made from kite paper.  The children painted the flowers for the box base.  Then finally it was put together and several accessories were added on.

The children got to know some information about France such as the capital city being Paris.  It is here that the Eiffel tower is found.  It is a very tall structure made out of metal.  People climb on the tower to watch the splendid view of Paris.  Here is our mini Eiffel tower.


The children were very proud to help pull along our little float and show it to the junior classes out on the turf where everybody was gathered.

In turn they enjoyed watching the lovely floats the other classes put together.  They danced away to the cheerful carnival music which was being played.

Besides the parade the children had a party in class………. You will find more pictures and information in the following blog.

Ms. Corinne was the mind and hands behind our costumes.  Here is what we wore.

……….. and the endless cutting of circles for the flowers and putting them together.  Well done!!!



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