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Term 2 Week 6 Patterns – Man Made

Another topic which the children explored during this week was painting with patterns.   I showed them various objects they can use instead of a paint brush.


They also watched a story on the interactive whiteboard written by Karen Beaumont called I ain’t gonna paint no more


The children worked on a project in small groups where they painted away on cardboard sheets using different objects.

They experimented with cylinder blocks, car wheels, the back tip of pencils and sponges amongst other things.

Later on in the term these painted cardboard sheets will be transformed into little crafts which the children will bring home.

Another activity they really enjoyed was creating symmetrical shapes using folded paper and bright paint.  In fact they created a friendly monster using this technique.

Indirectly they were being introduced to the topic of symmetry which we will expand on later on this year.  Our friendly monster was associated with the number 3 we worked on during this week.

This is a picture of the technique whilst our little monsters are hanging up in class to dry.



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